About Us

We are a group of Christians who are passionate about honouring the faith and work of our forebears. Combining our resources under the umbrella of the Anglican Historical Society, we aim to:

  • encourage interest in Anglican history, with a particular reference to Aotearoa/New Zealand
  • encourage research in Anglican history
  • develop a national network of local working groups
  • offer at local/regional/national levels (as appropriate) events and lectures related to Anglican history
  • offer an occasional newsletter, and/or a New Zealand journal, and/or other publications
  • promote contributions by New Zealanders to overseas journals
  • encourage history in diverse methods e.g., oral history, parish history, women’s history, biographies …
  • offer membership to any interested person (i.e., not only Anglican)
  • administer the Society’s affairs through a committee based in a local setting with corresponding members (the location of this committee to alter from one region to another from time to time)

‘An understanding of our history is no necessary guarantee that we will learn its lessons, but it does give us a certain perspective and balance from which to evaluate the present and to plan for the future. Above all, it records the generous grace of God at work among us, and especially through the lives of dedicated people. It gives us much to be thankful for, which is good for our souls. And it encourages us as we journey on to be faithful in bearing Christ’s cross in our world and to reach for the stars.’

— Archbishop Brian Davis: Foreword to ‘The Cross and the Stars’ by Peter Butt (1993)

Meet the Team

Information about the current AHS team is coming shortly.