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Added the following research papers:

  • CRAWFORD: Eunice Preece
  • CRAWFORD: Hannah Dawson
  • HOLMES: Bishop Neville – Against Discrimination
  • HOLMES: Bishop Neville – Saviour of the Conference
  • HOWE: Friendship House
  • THOMPSON: Growing Up as a Pacifist in Wartime Christchurch


Updated the following research resource:

  • Blain Biographical Directory 2024



Added the following research papers:

  • BLAIN: Canterbury Assoc Families and Rome
  • BLAIN: CMS and the Melanesian Mission
  • BLAIN: Diocese of Melanesia – Mandated Territory of New Guinea
  • BLAIN: When was Your Last Parish Mission
  • BROWN: Allan Bruce Catley
  • HOWE: I Must Write a Pamphlet or I’ll Burst
  • McCAUL: Berenice Luke
  • McCAUL: The Tale of the Selwyn Title
  • TEAL: Archdeacon H. W. Harper at Sea
  • TEAL: Here, There and Back Again (St Saviour’s Church, Lyttelton)


Updated the research resources page (formerly ‘doing research’). Added the following research resources:

  • Anglican Archives in Lambeth Palace Library
  • Blain Biographical Directory
  • I Must Write a Pamphlet or I’ll Burst
  • Letters and Journals of Revd John Morgan
  • Related Websites
  • The Contribution of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel
  • William Cotton’s Journals
  • Writing a Parish History



Added the following research papers:

  • HOWE: A History of St David’s Church, Wiri
  • HOWE: A Link in the Chain of Christian Fellowship
  • HOWE: Anglicans and Maori School Trusts
  • HOWE: Carl Völkner
  • HOWE: Caught in the Crossfire…Philo-Maori
  • HOWE: George & Margaret Kissling…Missionaries
  • HOWE: The Land will Remain Forever (UPDATED)


Added the following research papers:

  • BOOTH: E. H. Strong and St John’s College
  • LINEHAM: Ventures of Faith and Community
  • McALOON: Godly Places
  • TAGG: Te Ahiwera, A Man of Faith
  • WILLIAMSON (ed. CRAWFORD) Dedicated Women


Added the following research papers:

  • TUNNICLIFF: Bishop Hobhouse visits Auckland, 1864
  • TUNNICLIFF: General Synod Meets in Nelson, 1862
  • TUNNICLIFF: Taranaki Comes to Nelson 1859-1860
  • TUNNICLIFF: The Episcopate of Edmund Hobhouse, First Bishop of Nelson


Added the following research papers:

  • DERBYSHIRE: Bishops Hadfield and Wallis – a reassessment
  • HAWORTH: Anglican Deaconesses in NZ
  • HAWORTH: Anglican Episcopal Leadership during WW2
  • HAWORTH: The Deaconess Revival of the 1960’s in the NZ Anglican Church
  • HOWE: The Land will Remain Forever
  • LIMBRICK: Bishop and Mariner – George A Selwyn
  • LIMBRICK: Bound for the Antipodes
  • LIMBRICK: St Brides Church, Mauku
  • OWEN: The Rutherfords of Ramarama
  • PADEY: The Chapel is the Centre of Life at St Mary’s Homes, Otahuhu
  • PERCY: Serving Saint Heliers Bay for One Hundred Years
  • WRIGHT: Benjamin T. Dudley (Archdeacon)
  • WRIGHT: Edward B. Clark (Archdeacon)
  • WRIGHT: Philip Walsh (Archdeacon)




Added the following research papers:

  • DAVIDSON: A Sort of Cast-Off Stepdaughter
  • DAVIDSON: CMS Beginnings at Kerikeri (1819)
  • DAVIDSON: Consecration – Revd George A Selwyn
  • DAVIDSON: Remembering Christian Beginnings in Aotearoa New Zealand
  • DAVIDSON: Remembering War and Peace (1914-2014)
  • DAVIDSON: St John’s Collegiate School and the Pah
  • DAVIDSON: Under the Eye of the Bishop – St John’s College




Added the following research papers:

  • BRUERE – Mary Ann Preece
  • BRUERE – Nurse Maud Mataira
  • CHAPMAN – Canterbury Pilgrims
  • CHAPMAN – Hobhouse or Harper
  • CLARKE – Hare Maehe Ruarangi
  • CONNOR – Ngakuku of Ngati Haua



Added the following research papers:

  • BAKER: Mary Atkin of Kohimarama
  • BATTLEY: The Arrival of the Life in the Spirit Seminars in New Zealand
  • BRYANT: The Guild of Saint Raphael in New Zealand
  • CARRELL: Alfred Charles Barker
  • CARRELL: Evangelical Anglicans and the Canterbury Settlement
  • CARRELL: Why Emigrate? Why New Zealand? Why Canterbury?
  • CRAWFORD: 150 Years -Te Awamutu and Rangiaowhia
  • CRAWFORD: A Notable Band of Ladies
  • CRAWFORD: Casualties of Peace
  • CRAWFORD: Casualties of War
  • CRAWFORD: Dedicated Women – Wellington Diocese
  • CRAWFORD: First Steps in Theol Education for Women
  • CRAWFORD: Formation of the NZ Army Nursing Service
  • CRAWFORD: Giving a Voice to Women (Part 1)
  • CRAWFORD: Giving a Voice to Women (Part 2)
  • CRAWFORD: Gwendoline Mason
  • CRAWFORD: In Memory of Her
  • CRAWFORD: Lonsdale Pritt
  • CRAWFORD: Revd Elinor Glenys Lewis
  • CRAWFORD: Self-Sacrificing Service
  • CRAWFORD: Some to be Teachers
  • CRAWFORD: Symonds Street Cemetery, Auckland




Added the following book reviews:

  • The Church on the Corner: A History of Selwyn Anglican Church Mangere East, 1863 – 2012
  • Campbell West-Watson: ‘Boy Bishop’ to Archbishop
  • Völkner and Mokomoko: a 150-year quest for justice and reconciliation

Added the following

  • Archbishop David Moxon on Te Tiriti partnership
  • He Mingqing – Remembering Kathleen Hall

Added the following Doing Research resources:

  • Writing a Parish History
  • Some Useful Links